Abortion clinic that opened days after Roe fell is inundated


A new Planned Parenthood clinic in Kansas finds it as overwhelmed with demand from other states Just four days before a Kansas City Kansas abortion clinic opened its doors this past June the Supreme Court overturned roe versus wade The facility was planned as a place for women to get healthcare in a medically underserved working class neighborhood but now the clinic has been inundated with patients from other states that have restricted abortion like Missouri Arkansas Oklahoma Texas and Louisiana The three Planned Parenthood centers in Kansas say they are only able to take about ten to 15% of the patients seeking abortions Those turned away are advised to take appointments in Colorado or New Mexico if they can get one It can take two weeks to get an appointment for a day after pill thousands of patients likely aren't getting appointments at all Few predicted Kansas would take on this role although in August voters rejected an amendment that would have cleared the way for tougher restrictions Emily Wales the president of Planned Parenthood great plains says the ecosystem is not even fragile it's broken I'm Jennifer King

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