The Left Media Never Cared About Violent Attacks on Conservatives


The past several months now. We have been bringing you stories of conservatives of Republicans, pro lifers who have literally been under assault. So we've been telling you about the church as well over a hundred churches that have been firebombed and vandalized in the aftermath of the roe V wade decision. We've been telling you stories about the pro life lady who was shot in her arm, the elderly woman. We told you about the teenager in the dakotas, who was literally killed. He was run down in the streets because of his conservative beliefs, and none of these stories have made national news headlines. None of these stories have generated outrage in the mainstream media. None of these stories has caused the Democrats to rise up and denounce the violence within their midst. Not once, has that happened. Not once. Going back to senator Rand Paul, who was nearly beaten to death in his yard. Senator Paul, who is still suffering medical issues as a result of that beating and yet he was mocked and ridiculed and quite frankly his attacker was celebrated. Celebrated for nearly beating a Republican lawmaker to death. Then we look at what happened with congressman Steve scalise and what quite frankly could have been a massacre. When a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire at the baseball practice, that was that featured a number of Republican lawmakers. Congressman Steve scalise nearly lost his life. He was gunned down. Others were gunned down as well. It could have been a massacre. And yet that story did not generate massive outrage.

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