Kathleen Madigan Wants the Wheels of Justice to Move Faster on Trump


Was going to say, you know, stuff that Donald Trump, we how many, how many years have we been making fun of Donald Trump? And yet there is something sad and hilarious, but also kind of terrifying about him declaring for president again. How did you feel about that whole thing? Well, let me put in the context of my Missouri and Tennessee, my friends that are Trump fans. Oh my God. They've all moved on. Yeah. They moved on to desantis. They moved on to Ron, because they think that he's like more presentable. I would say, which I don't disagree with. I think if we're going to say is which person is crazy, we're going to go with Donald, like which person you may disagree with everything Ron DeSantis says, but he doesn't seem like a lunatic. Yeah. It just seems like he seems like somebody you could sit down with and say, hey, a, B, and C and you're going to get DE and F back. Instead of Trump going, I don't care. I don't know. You tell me you're an idiot. I think they seem to be happy. I don't even think he really cares. I think he's just going to go over. I really seriously no kidding. I think at this point it's about merch. Yeah. He's become he's become a road comic. That's why now it's maga, because now they have to buy a new hat, right? Make America great and glorious, again. Well, glorious. I go, oh, that's going to be hard. That was going to be a lot of misspellings. I feel like a struggle. A lot of rally starts to say glare is. Yeah, I think it wants to do the rallies to raise money and sell merch. Yeah. Well, Travis and I have a dream that we could get the trifecta. He will be indicted in prison and run third party. So there are still, you know. Possibilities. We can have it all. Yeah. Yeah. You guys are very, very hopeful, I see. Yeah. I don't I've lost faith in the, I know the wheels of justice move slowly, but I don't understand how you can orchestrate and then say ready set go to attack on the capitol and then you get to run again. Right. That's why people lose faith in all this. There doesn't seem to be repercussions. Maybe there will be, like, my dad was a lawyer to judge at all that. He goes, give it time. I'm like, you'll be dead, Dan. How much time are we talking about?

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