Margaret Cho: Attacks on Drag Shows Are Distractions From Neo-Nazism


Since you brought it up, I sent my friend is, you know, in charge of RuPaul's Drag Race show. And I just sent a thing about how drag queens have to travel with extra security now. And we were just saying like, what the F has happened, right? Like we all grew up with, you know, Carol Burnett show on and on. You don't Flip Wilson people. Why how did this happen that suddenly drag queens are being accused of being pedophiles and there's violence, I guess aimed at them, right? It's a distraction. It's a way to also justify this neo Nazi mindset. It's a way to justify homophobia in this frame of we're protecting the children. No, we're not. We're giving in to neo Nazis. A new alt threat, which is this strangely Christian evangelical, it's a crusade. And they want to kill people. And it's evident in this idea of tossing the constitution. Everything but the Second Amendment. Everything but the right to bear arms. Yeah. It's a very, it's horrible. And what Kanye West is doing is actually eroding it further. It's giving them more boldness to do things like shooting up a power plant. Yeah. I mean, whether that's a theory, I tend to believe it. Well, you know, and I was saying people in the cold. I take it personally as a mom having a mom in a nursing home in north Carolina. They just knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in north Carolina because they think wrongly think drag queens are pedophiles. It's so wrongly. And so it was just very

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