One Bright Light in This Midterm Landscape


There are not a lot of bright lights and this midterm landscape. But one of them, surely, is the steady movement of Latinos toward the GOP. Now, this is not a movement that has been completed. It is a movement that is underway. If you look, for example, at Florida, heavy Latino vote for desantis and interestingly, he seems to have won Latinos kind of across the board. With Greg Abbott in Texas, the results a little bit more mixed, but Abbott got a decent share of the Latino vote. If you look at the Rio Grande valley a special interest of W's and mine because Debbie grew up there, we had three Latina Republicans running Cassie Garcia and Myra Flores, who was in Debbie's own district where her mom lives. And then Monica de la Cruz. So normally one of them, Monica, dela Cruz won. But the other two actually came really close. Cassie Garcia was edged out by the way by a fairly conservative Democrat cuellar. Is that the guy's name Henry, Henry cuellar, and Myra Flores, I mean, this is a district that used to go easily 60 40, 20 point difference or more. Even more. And Myra got what, 43 or 44. And so the other guy, so does that still a ten point gap, but the point is the gap is narrowing.

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