The Democrats' Obsession With Doing Whatever the Heck They Want


Thing up, last year, we and we've talked about this on the podcast before that the Democrats obsession with doing whatever they wanted to do and sort of be damned with the rules, everything else just doing it because they can do it. At the time, a lot of us said this is going to come back to bite them. This is going to come back and be a problem in the future. What they get done now will come back to be a problem later. The thing that you have to realize in Congress is as much as you might think otherwise, Congress is really a body that operates over very set schedule, all fours are very set rule package. It offers a very set quorums and decorum and how it goes about its business. And over my biggest gripe with the Nancy Pelosi, speakership over the last four years, and especially the last two that I was there, and I wrote in my book, the clock and the counter. I wrote about this was the Democrats would be willing to end result do anything they had to do, whether it was taking the rules of practice of the house and throwing them out, whether it was breaking the rules and prices of the house, throwing them out. They didn't care because at the end of the day, they wanted to get an end result. It was either get it Donald Trump or was either to get legislation passed, whatever it was, they were going to do it because they simply had the votes to do it. Simply having the most to do something is not the best way to do this. I'll use an example that I've used before. Nancy Pelosi and I clashed many times on the floor. One of those times that we classed on the floor was at a time in which she was giving a speech during impeachment. She accused the president, Trump at the time of a crime and Colin McRae, which you can not do. I know rules of the House and language are very different than they're there for a reason, but she said that she, you know, she made the claim. I was handling the bill for the Republicans. I stood up and I said, I'm going to give you a chance to correct your language. She said, nope, I've already approved this. She threw her papers at the well and left.

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