First Native American woman in space awed by Mother Earth


The first Native American woman in space says she's channeling positive energy as her 5 month mission gets underway First went through the hatch it's going to be Nicole Mann commander of dragon Man is a member of the way Lockheed of the round valley Indian tribes in Northern California It's important that we recognize that there are all different types of people on board the International Space Station not only from different countries but from different backgrounds and different nationalities Man told the AP she's channeling her energy through a childhood gift a dream catcher It's a gift from my mother It's the strength to know that I have the support of my family and community back home Man says the emotions are overwhelming as she enjoys the view from space And just see our Planet Earth and how beautiful she is and how delicate and fragile she is against the blackest of black that I've ever seen space in the background The first Native American in space in 2002 was now retired astronaut John herrington of the jigsaw nation I'm Ed Donahue

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