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Series, we've been exploring some of the ancient wisdom. Of the philosophy of yoga and meditation. And that includes the different paths or branches of yoga, and when I say yoga, that also includes meditation, because the two go together, hand in hand. Yoga was created as a way to relax your body. So that when you meditate, your mind can relax. In the previous two series, which you can always go back and listen to at your leisure, you will find the Bhakti yoga of devotion, opening your heart. You'll also find the path to Guyana yoga or wisdom. And these two qualities, opening your heart and tuning into your inner wisdom, are absolutely essential to follow the path of karma yoga. And that's what we'll be exploring this week. Karma yoga includes offering your gifts, your talents, your service to others. We often do things for ourselves, which is so important because the more you can align yourself with your higher values, the better you'll be able to share the best of yourself with others. As you explore, this path of karma yoga, you could consider it to be what it is often referred to is the path of right action. Or living rightly, it's taking your love, your devotion, and your highest quality, your wisdom, and aligning yourself in a way that benefits the world around you. As part of this week's series, I invite you to go on a special quest. This is where every day consider how you can be very honest with yourself and others, so you'll be going on and honesty quest. Your honesty quest involves something that's very important to keep in mind. As you're honest with yourself and others, sometimes honesty, as we know, can hurt. So take care to be honest with others in a way that's graceful. It allows them dignity. So you don't want to make them feel defensive or badly if you're being very honest with them about something. And very importantly, take care. Not to be honest with someone about something they're not ready to hear or to be revealed. This is very important. And this is also in regards to yourself as well. Maybe there's something you know you need to be a little honest about, but you're not really ready to face it. That's okay. This is a week for you to begin the path of right living. Karma yoga by taking small steps to live rightly to be more honest with how you live your life and to share your gifts and talents with others to make their life better in some way. Make sure that what you're sharing is something that others will be receptive to. So that is your challenge. Know that, as always, you can find the full 30 minute guided meditations on the sipping ulm meditation app. You can always try the app for a week free so you can get this week's entire series free. You also gain access to over 2000 guided meditations, so that's there for you. If you find

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