Microsoft strikes 10-year deal with Nintendo on Call of Duty


Microsoft says it has struck a deal to make the video game bestseller Call of Duty available on Nintendo. Don't let anyone tell you video games are just for kids. Activision Blizzard says their latest iteration of Call of Duty Modern Warfare two, which retails for about $70, has earned more than $1 billion in sales since it was launched in late October. Now Xbox maker Microsoft, which is working on acquiring Activision, has promised to make the hit series available for Nintendo and a ten year deal. The merger of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard is facing close scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission and global regulators. The Nintendo offers an apparent attempt to fend off objections from Sony, which makes the competing PlayStation console Sony has raised concerns about losing access to what it describes as a must have game title. Microsoft president Brad Smith said the agreement would bring Call of Duty to more gamers and tweeted we'll be happy to hammer out a deal for PlayStation as well. I'm Jennifer King.

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