Charlie Pierce: The GOP Assault on the Vote Is Reaching Boiling Point


By the way, you quote you quoted a guy at the Trump rally on why he loves Trump. The biblical principles that Trump embraces is what I really like about him. I've never heard another president invoke the name of God and Jesus as much. He's embracing biblical principles, follow the Bible, and you can't go wrong, and you just said a cult, moi. He's embracing he's embracing biblical principles and he'll probably have to like send them some hush money. And for a while. Yeah. Because that's what he does to anything he embraces, I think. And I thought this one thing you retreated was parody, but it is actually from the heritage foundation. It says the price of skittles jumped 42% from last year, not to mention the cartels are stuffing skittles bags with deadly fentanyl, happy Halloween from the Biden administration. Would you like to, you know, go ahead. I mean, maybe they are smuggling the stuff in that way. I mean, it's possible, I guess. But as you pointed out, over and over again, they're not going to give the product away. That way. Drug dealing does not work that way. No. Yeah. Charlotte, let's get to your because unfortunately we're short on time, but that's because that's because I'm a fool. That's all right. But to your piece, the GOP assault on the vote is about to come to a boil is what you were just referring to. You said it's all coming together in Arizona and the Supreme Court should be so very proud. The personal right to bear arms dovetails with the increased constitutionality of voter suppression, two sons from different mothers. Wow, you went pundit there for a moment. But as you were talking about these armed individuals with the tactical gear outside the drop boxes, and you said the national Republican Party is all in behind the notion that 2022 elections are already corrupt at parties de facto leader traffic in this poison should surprise approximately nobody. I mean, to your point, Charlie, what do we do about this? I know. I saw one grandma, you know, telling them off, which good for her, you know, I would just say don't be intimidated by them, right? I mean, that's the only in terms of what you can do individually. That's about it. Until you can elect a Congress that is sufficiently veto proof to give us a Voting Rights Act again. And somehow, you know, make it Supreme Court proof and I don't know how the hell you do that at this point. But yeah, I mean, you've got one of our two political parties with no respect for anything anymore. Yeah. None. I mean, top to bottom stem to stern from the U.S. Senate to school boards. You know, that's where we're at. And it's a situation that was created, deliberately. And now it's, you know, now it's Chernobyl. Yeah. It's running beyond control. Charlie, I don't know what the chances are of getting what we have in California across the country. But to me, this argues more and more, this violence against poll workers and intimidation to drop boxes for mail in voting to make just mail in make that the law of the land. I mean, it's what we have in California. It's roughly the same principle as to why they fought RU 44 86 so hard. Because you can have your sense of privacy and do what you need to do, and they can't come in like, you know, glue their heads to your door or whatever. Right. Or shoot your doctor in the head. Right. Yeah. No, exactly. By the way, my favorite headline of yours ever. Steve Bannon unlikely to feel the slap on the wrist through his many collared shirts. That's my man Vic brand down esquire headquarters. I'm not a headline guy. But I too appreciated that. Great deal. But does he wear long sleeved shirts or does he wear short sleeved shirts? I think they're long sleeve. Yeah. I think really because that would be horribly uncomfortable, I would think. Yeah. Yeah, you would think. Of course. You know, then again. Then again, he looks like gout got gout. It belongs in the Smithsonian. Once tried to say in The New York Times, you know, that's probably, you know, you sacrifice comfort a long time ago. Yeah. Well, why is he still able to do a show, by the way? I know. I know. Why isn't there a gag order on this guy? I know. Whatever happened to like cuffing people as soon as a sentence comes down and taking them to jail. Whatever happened to that. Well, I mean, it's releasing, I mean, for all we don't like the guy. He wasn't convicted of very much. Right, but he was still convicted of ignoring a congressional subpoena. Right. Which is a crime. Right. But that's a decision. Yes, if he was a 13 year old black kid in the sky. That's what I mean. Who makes the decision? I appreciate that. But so the judge makes the decision whether he gets to be free on bail or go to jail right away. I mean, the judge was the judge was plainly doing his trumpian duty there. He didn't find him practically, you know. Steve Bannon can raise $6500 in an afternoon. Yeah. So, you know, I didn't have any expectations that he was going to wind up in jail

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