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A big strategy call for the 14 of chase Briscoe trying to win his way into the championship four. Nails got to start making some moves here. There's the push for the lead. Bill to the inside. Now bell pulling away with those pressure tires. The one in the 11, fighting to get in as the championship four. Bell out of turn four. He's gonna do it. He's won his way into the championship and the fight for the point right at the line. The one of Chastain past one. I have never seen anything like that before in my life. Ross Chastain used the wall all the way around this racetrack to race his way into the championship four. I mean, I've done that when I was 8 years old on the GameCube with Chad that growing up and you could get away with it and I never knew if it would actually work. It was a great move. Brilliant. I mean, certainly a great move by, you know, when you have no other choice, you know, it certainly is easy to do that, but we'll execute it. And welcome to NASCAR America motor

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