Caller: How Could Anyone Support John Fetterman?


Say, it's unbelievable to me again. You know, I couldn't believe mulroy, we went here to Memphis, prime example, 20, 25% of registered Republicans got off their buds and went and voted in the important election. Let me get in get the win. So I thought, okay, maybe we'll learn a list. So now let me not necessarily tend to say did okay. But look, I mean, and maybe there was something going on in Pennsylvania. But you know, if my dog ran against John fetterman, I would have to vote for my dog. I mean, there's no way, how could anybody with half a tenth of an IQ vote for federman. Number one, and Robin even though the stroke, his policy are exactly what killing this country right now, and he's even farther left than those policies. And Pennsylvania, fracking capital, and he's against it. They need lives to everybody in their faces like y'all are idiots. What did they just say, oh, okay. I guess we found the truth. He changed his mind. I mean, I don't even understand it. I just don't know, and I mean, there's obviously no time to panic, so to speak, but whatever we need to figure something out, I'm talking about blaming everybody. Trump, I'm a Trump. I'm a Trump fan. I don't worship him. I believe in his policy. And I believe in Rhonda santas. You know, I went to Florida during COVID. I'm telling you when I went down there. It was like I was literally in another country. You are a man if you wanted to. Mother tonight, you didn't have to wear a mask, restaurants were open all hours of the night. You could do whatever you wanted to. It was unbelievable. Literally, I didn't know what had happened. Did I fall into a portal or something? But I mean, we've got to figure something out. This is unbelievable. I mean, is there some of the Democrats? Is there a different price they pay at the gas bomb? Or it's a grocery store than what we pay? Bill,

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