A highlight from The Skeptics Guide #906 - Nov 19 2022


Again, they're going to attempt to launch Artemis to the moon. It's actually the window opens for hours from right now as we're recording this show. Oh boy. Yeah, so as you're listening to this, you know more about than we do. But we're recording the next episode two days from now, so we'll be able to say what happened. That'll be the episode that airs the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I read something interesting. That they had to take into account the possibility of bad weather when they were building, you know, when they're building this whole thing, like they're aware of that. So it's okay for the rocket to be out in incremental weather. I would imagine that high winds are bad. So I don't think the high winds are good though. Inclement and Clements. What about incremental weather? We like. Incremental like it gets worse over time, you know. There you go. Kara, you still keeping your list. Oh, yes, I'm gonna add that right now. In Clementine. I love it. I like it. It's when it gets progressively bad. It's a portmanteau. Awesome. I got a really hope this thing takes off and everything goes without a hitch because we need, we need something good. Yeah, I totally. And it's the third attempt, right? This is the third try. Yeah, I mean, the third try. It might have been even more than that because there was no two technical ones and then a weather based one where they had described it. Yeah, I don't even think that they even get it out to the pad during that weather one. You're right. They just delayed it. Hurricane. Yeah, it was the hurricane. Yeah, yeah. Because it can't take the lateral winds. It can take so much force on its nose, clearly. But yeah, the side to side is a no bueno. Yeah, as we learned from the movie, the Martian, it's not good. Even with less than 1% of the Earth's atmosphere. It would have been nothing. Most egregious scientific error, but it was, you know, he needed it to move the ply. You gotta have something. That's fine. It was either that or skin tight spacesuits were kind of. He could have had a big monster coming out of the ground. Martian monster. Martian Martian sandworm. There you go. Yeah. So did you guys hear about this? This is awesome. I also coming off of a lot of us have had recent trips to Italy. So this sort of resonated, they found over 50 bronze statues, two over 2000 years old, in Tuscany. This was at the ruins of a temple, right? So they knew that those ruins were there, but in part of the temple included a hot spring, you know? So it was like a spa, people would go there, they'd get in the warm water, but apparently it was a practice to throw bronze statues into the water as an offering so that you would get that. That's what it does. So either they were coined in a fountain kind of. Well, there was also like, they also found 5000 coins, gold silver and bonds coins. Back in there. Now that's treasure, right bob. Yes. The bronze statues were from what I'm reading one of two types, either they were like one meter tall presentations of one of the gods, right? So meter tall statue of Apollo and you threw it in there and prayed to Apollo to do whatever. Or they were just body parts, right? So which represented whatever ailment you were having. So I guess if you were having like your right arm was hurting, you'd throw in a bronze right on, you know? Where would you get it? Well, I was thinking about that. Like a concession store at the temple, they would sell the bronze statues so that you could then throw into the pond. I read that there were 24 statues. You said 50? That's what I, yeah. 50 might mean the small ones. The body parts, I guess. I don't know, including all the body parts. When I went to look up the news item on this Steve, a bunch of bronze statues came up, and one of them shows a picture of Yoda. Brown statue of you. Now they found that under there, that would be impressive. Well, it would lead to a lot of questions. And intrusion into this. So these statues are remarkably well preserved because they sank into the mud. They were encased in mud. It was like perfect. Yeah, the pictures are sticking out of the mud. Yeah, yeah, I see. I see that as well. I don't know if that's once they drained it, I guess, to kind of screw the bronze, tell me about the golden silver. Yeah, the coins. What's the deal? Yeah. So first and second place. Archeologically, it's like a really significant find because a lot of them have inscriptions on there so that tells us about the language and use in that place and time. So it's already changing our thoughts about how long the Etruscan language survived as a living language in that area and obviously after they still have to have Latin on some of our money. We do. Sure. So again, they'll have to actual experts will need to put it into context and interpret it properly. What it means. But that was just this coin says, 13 BC what are you thinking? You think that the state comes in and just says, okay, these are ours now. Yes. That's exactly what happens. Antiquities. Antiquity laws go into a thing. There are planning on building a museum on the site to display all the statues. That's how many of them there are. The people that find it at least get a vague, you know, is there any finder? Well, they get maybe and certainly credit for the fund. Well, they also might be, they can probably now build like a museum there and maybe it'll bring tourism to that area. Absolutely. If you find, if you say you found like $10 million in gold doubloons, right? For a lot of, for some countries, there are a lot of countries. I'm not sure, but some of them, they will give you a really, really nice reward, because it makes sense because think about it. They want people to be motivated to turn this, especially culturally significant historically significant relics and things in. You know, they want them to do that. Otherwise, if they would be like, say thank you and take everything you found, you know, the motivation to turn it in will be very, very low. So some places some countries somewhat will actually be very generous in terms of remuneration if you find stuff like that. So give us this $100 million in gold and it will give you, I don't know how much would they give you, hopefully, a decent trunk of 5 may have 5 million would be nice, but I think I might be walking away with a hundred mil. Well, but would you rather have say $1 million above board legal and clear or have to hide the fact that you came into a 100 million of? And then what are you going to do? Are you bob novella going to sell them on the black market somewhere? Yeah, because that's the thing. There's a carrot mystic here, right? And you're right, the carrots are great, but like if you get caught, there's probably a pretty good stick. Oh, yeah. More details to answer that question. You can't just have a $100 million in gold. You know, like that comes with strings. The thing is bob would you quite display it in his house? He wouldn't even want to use it. I beg to differ. I would display and use it. So instead of handing out a $100 bills, you give out the gold coins. You would use it for display. Let's put that in context at the Halloween party. We do a bunch of us were The Addams Family. Liz and I, Steve and Josh, with The Addams Family. So I was Gomez, so I of course had to have a drawer in my house, a prominent drawer that I filled with fake $100 bills 'cause that's what Gomez did, especially in the 1960s show. So that's what everyone is talking about. Bob, you didn't tell me it was fake. It actually looked pretty damn fairly legit unless you see the word first glance. It looks good. They start reading it and realize, okay, it's a big joke.

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