A highlight from Allow Your Intuition to Guide You to Resolve Difficult Situations, Day 7 Let Go of Self-Limiting Thoughts


Mary McLeod, and I welcome you to day 7 of the series we're exploring. This week, you have been exploring the theme of letting go of self limiting thoughts and this is been a series all about tuning into your inner wisdom and intuition. It is the path of Guyana yoga. When I say yoga, that also includes meditation. There are different paths to achieve enlightenment. And you may be simply trying to get through your day. Well, these paths to enlightenment, you explored in last week's series, Bach to yoga, the path of devotion or love, this week it's been all about wisdom with Guyana yoga and in next week's series, you're going to be guided through the final path of yoga and meditation, and this is karma yoga. So that is what I'm preparing for you. And you'll receive the episode tomorrow as you launch into a brand new series. So make sure you are subscribed so you don't miss exploring karma yoga. This path to write action, doing the right thing. So today, let's celebrate you and all you've been doing this week. You've had a challenge that you've been going through every day where you are encouraged to reflect on three of your best qualities. I heard from some of you letting me know that you focused on the same qualities every day and you are noticing a difference. And I also heard from some of you letting me know that you focused on just one quality you were really focused you done some deep work and you know what you need in order to have a little more mental clarity and inner wisdom. So you'll be guided as you do this in today's meditation. Also, you're going to reflect back over your week. Now this process that I guide you through, I consider to be one of the most important things you could do when you meditate. If you did this process every day where you reflect over your day would be a pretty amazing experience for you. The Dolly Llama is reported to do this. Every single day. So be guiding you through this important process and it will be a flow and inner wisdom flow meditation. I encourage you to step outside and

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