House votes on bill to prevent rail workers strike

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Leaders have agreed to head off a nationwide strike by railroad workers, promising to pass legislation quickly that would avert a work stoppage. Congress can intervene by using its power through the constitution's commerce clause to pass legislation that would end a strike or a lockout. And then set terms of the agreements between the unions and the carriers. Speaker Pelosi and minority leader Kevin McCarthy said they believe the rail strike Bill had the votes needed to pass in the house. We must avoid a strike. A jobs will be lost even union jobs will be lost. Water will not be safe, product will not be going to market. It is we could lose 750,000 jobs. Some of them union jobs, that must be avoided. So tomorrow morning, in the house, we will bring up the legislation. This was in a negotiation that was selected by this administration. This was something that was celebrated by this administration that it was fixed. And now right before holiday season,

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