Van Jones: Herschel Walker Is an Insult to the Black Community


You've got van Jones out there on CNN last night. Talking about how Herschel Walker was an insult to the black community, cut number 8. Yeah, you know, I hope so. I mean, that could happen. What I do know is this. Tonight is about Georgia. And tonight is about Trump picking somebody who frankly used to be a hero. Herschel Walker used to be an inspiration. Now it means insults. He's an insult to the black community and what you may see tonight is people coming out and not just to vote in favor of a senator that they love, but just to vote against Donald Trump picking somebody like this and throwing this person at the voters in Georgia. Like, well, you'll just pick anybody who's black. His judgment, Trump's judgment. Tonight is going to be, I think, called into question by a lot of people. And I think that when you have a situation where it's obvious that Trump when he was a little bit too clever by half, I know, I'm going to put a black guy against a black guy, but the guy that he pickles around black. That's actually part of that is actually true. Herschel Walker was picked because of the color of his skin. What have I said about identity politics on this radio program? What have I said? It doesn't work if you're a Republican. It doesn't work. You want an example. And by the way, this is how we got into the mess we are in right now. It goes back to Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia, when he put Kelly loeffler in the U.S. Senate. He specifically wanted a woman. It didn't matter that she wasn't a conservative. He wanted a woman. She turned out to be a terrible candidate, which again is how we got here in the first place. And

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