Justices spar in latest clash of religion and gay rights


The Supreme Court is in its latest clash over religion and gay rights in the case of a Christian graphic artist who objects to designing wedding websites for a gay couples. Lori Smith says ruling against her would force artists of all types to do work against their beliefs. The high court's conservative majority sounded sympathetic with Neil Gorsuch describing Smith as someone who will and does sell websites to everyone. But she won't sell a website that requires her to express a view about marriage that she finds offensive to her religious beliefs. The big question from Sonia Sotomayor and the liberals. How about people who don't believe in interracial marriage? Or about people who don't believe that disabled people should get married? What's where's the line? Colorado and most other states have a law saying if a product is offered to the public, it must be offered to all customers. The high court has sided with religious plaintiffs in a series of cases, Sagar Meghani, Washington.

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