Malcolm Nance Discusses the Wayward Ukraninan Missle Hit on Poland


This was obviously a huge relief this morning. The missile that hit Poland was probably a stray fired by Ukraine's air defense and not a Russian strike according to Poland and NATO. Yesterday, obviously easing concerns of an escalation. Just give us your thoughts. Well, first, you know, I've been in that relatively immediate area of where that strike. Where that missile exploded. A lot of activities were along the Polish Ukrainian border. And I did training out in that area, and we were under constant air raid alert. Constant air raid alert. And you know, these missiles take hours to fly to their targets. And they have to fly through several air defense zones. And each air defense zone, you know, has its own air control radars, air detection radars, and its batteries of surface to air missiles. And when you come into an area like where this hit, which is northwest of the city of lviv, those missiles had to have flown hundreds of miles to get there, right? To FYI you when they shoot those hypersonic missiles off of these bombers over western Russia, it's a 17 hour car drive from one end of Ukraine to the other. So it's a very long missile flight, even at three, 400 mph. It takes some time. So the air defense systems are waiting for you, right? And they try to engage you as far away as possible. In a 360° protective circle. And sometimes like this one, I suspect the missile went up, went to the east, tracked on the cruise missile, and one of them may even have destroyed the cruise missile, but they launch in Paris generally. Yeah. And the other one was tracking it as it went west and it just went stupid as we call it. And crashed into Poland. I'm glad that they're, you know, Russia didn't lose its mind and didn't try to do anything deliberately. I'm glad that it wasn't an accident. Because we need to tone down this whole, let's go to World War three stuff. Yeah. Because Ukraine, you know, was attacked by Russia. We all know that. But there's no need to really want to escalate. And then Ukraine is. I mean, when I heard this yesterday, I was like, ah, Putin's invaded Poland. Where does that sound familiar? I mean, because at first, you know, you didn't know what it was. So yeah, you're right. It's a relief,

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