John Zmirak and Eric Discuss E. Michael Jones' Antisemitism


Years ago, I read some of E Michael Jones's books. And again, this is what Nick Fuentes is kind of following, right? I read some of his books and he wrote one called degenerate moderns. It was brilliant. He wrote another one about architecture and another one, I forget. But brilliant stuff, right? And so I visited him in his home and I didn't see the anti semitic side of him until right around that time, a friend of mine, doctor Jeffrey sat in over, wrote a brilliant book, he is a genius psychiatrist, he has a degree in quantum physics. One of the smartest people I know, not a Christian, but he wrote an amazing book from the point of view of a psychiatrist who had dealt with people struggling with same sex attraction. And it really an amazing, amazing book, sat in over his last name. And so I interviewed him and reviewed it ostensibly for E Michael Jones magazine. He hardly printed anything of what I wrote. He cut almost everything. And then he wrote a review that was effectively anti semitic. And I will never, ever, ever forget it. I read it and I thought, this, this can be, this is the whole, the whole review of this great book, which was homosexuality and the politics of truth by Jeff sat in over hinged on really an anti semitic idea. And that's when I realized 27 years ago, uh oh, I don't know that I can spend any more time. You're telling me Nick Fuentes who just had dinner with the president is following you, Michael. Right. That's right. And I'll just explain briefly to your readers. Michael Jones is a theological Jew hater. He doesn't hate them racially. He doesn't believe in Nazi crackpot racialism. He believes that any one of the Jewish people who does not accept Jesus is the moral equivalent of the sadducees and that he takes literally the statement, let their blood be upon us and upon our children. He channels the old old anti semitism of some of the church fathers and some people in the Middle Ages. He takes all that, not as a historical tragedy and abuse, but as an authoritative part of the Christian tradition. And he describes the Jews who did not follow Jesus as the synagogue of Satan and the mystical body of Antichrist. That has existed ever since the death of our lord. And as a sort of satanic counter church. And so he blames Jews for pornography, even though the Marquis de Sade was not Jewish. He blames them for abortion. Margaret Sanger was not Jewish. He manages to act as if the Jewish people by not accepting Jesus became Antichrist. And

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