Meghan Markle: The Modern-Day 'Dollar Princess'


In the late 1800s, English nobles were facing hard economic times. The agricultural lands they held were too small to compete with the more plentiful bounties being produced by the endless waves of grain in the United States. So these once rich and powerful landlords were becoming poor by the day. Though America was the cause of their fiscal woes, she also could provide a handy solution in the form of something called dollar princesses. These were the female errors of rich American magnets and industrialists who married into English aristocracy. The English nobles got an injection of large amounts of cash and the Americans got fancy titles as a sign of elite status. There were some cultural conflicts when these commoners from the colonies invaded the exclusive circles of the aristocracy. But overall, things worked out. After all, it was the first dollar princess Jenny Jerome, who would marry lord Randolph Churchill and give birth to the man who would lead the UK as prime minister in World War II, Winston Churchill. Fast forward a century, and some change, and the situation seems to be playing itself out once more, but to an entirely different end. This time, instead of money, the marriage seems to be an attempt to inject some celebrity and Internet influencer clout into the royal family. I am speaking of the marriage of Hollywood actress Meghan Markle and prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. Meghan was born and raised in California with an acting resume that includes shows like CSI, general hospital, suits, and movies like get him to the Greek, horrible bosses, and remember me. And with a stint as a briefcase girl in deal or no deal, you would think she'd be used to being celebrity. After all, the royal job detail basically requires living in wealth and comfort while occasionally smiling and waving. But alas, such was not the life for Harry and Meghan, a mere two years later after their 2018 marriage came the megxit.

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