High court to hear arguments over Biden's deportation policy


The nation's highest court is taking up a dispute over deportation policy. The Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a legal fight over immigration officers discretion in deciding which people in the country illegally should be deported. Federal appeals courts in Cincinnati and New Orleans reached conflicting decisions over Department of Homeland Security guidance issued in September of 2021 after President Biden was elected the directive prioritize those who posed the greatest risk pausing deportations unless individuals had committed acts of terrorism, espionage, or egregious threats to public safety, while a federal appeals court in Cincinnati overturned a district judge's order that put the policy on hold, Texas and Louisiana sued and won to freeze the guidance under a nationwide court order, saying it violated federal law, and they would face added costs from having to detain people with criminal records. It's the latest example of a strategy that has succeeded in slowing Biden administration initiatives by going to Republican friendly courts. Jennifer King, Washington

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