Tim Tebow on the Importance of Aligning Your Priorities


Tim Tebow. No kidding. Look, there he is. Hi Tim. Good to see you. I love how you want to respond to that area. I don't know. I don't know. I'm looking for dead silence for confusion. Look, you do so much. But now you've written a book which is a devotional, it's called one year devotional mission possible. And you were talking about a number of things just a minute ago, I think a lot of people struggle with a lot of the things that you were talking about. Like, you know, how do I live consistently? How do I, you know, because some people are really disciplined or some people it comes naturally to them. Other people are a little bit more elliptical in the way they pursue life. But you always talk about identifying your priorities. And so when you say that, what does that mean for you? I think it's so important, Eric, that we understand what's most important in our life and most important in our heart. And then we align our priorities based on those things, right? What's most important is that we're building a relationship with God that we're serving other people that we're making a difference that we're helping, then let's put time for what we say is our top priorities, right? And then it's also, I think, so important. And I go back to this, I mentioned it, that we also reframe our perspective and our mindset because one of the hardest things to gain in the easiest thing to lose is perspective on what matters. And I'll give you example. This weekend, I mean, there's so many families that are going to Thursday celebrate Thanksgiving. And then Friday and Saturday based on all the raibaru weekend, the Florida Florida state and Georgia Georgia Tech and auburn Alabama and Ohio State Michigan and there's literally going to be for 48 hours. House is divided and you know what's going to be a big deal and I love it because I love sports, but all of a sudden that's become a priority that so many people drastically changed their life for when ultimately it's hard to then remember hey Eric, it's just a game,

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