US Job Openings Hit Record High


Us has nearly eleven million job openings and yet disappointing employment numbers last week as the three hundred dollar boost. Unemployment benefits reaches its end. Welcome kyle peterson with the wall street journal. We're joined today by my colleagues w. shake columnist bill mcgurn and kim strassel on wednesday. The labor department said that american employers posted ten point nine million job openings in july That's a record number. It's the second record in a row beating out the june number which was ten point two million job openings And yet the jobs report last week for august was disappointing Labor department reported only two hundred. Thirty five thousand new jobs created in august below the consensus Forecast which was seven hundred thirty three thousand and journalists editorial last week bill calls this be biden. Jobs paradox so a bill. What do you think is is going on here. Why i think there's a bunch of factors. But i think you're right about paradox. Paradoxes people see that employers are desperate for workers and and yet You know a lot of the workers are not taking the jobs then in other words. It's not that the jobs are not available. Which frequently happens in a downturn is that there are jobs there and they're going on fulfilled one of the reasons. I'm not sure it's the only reason i do. Believe is are the unemployment benefits That had been extended that now. The federal benefits now expired You know i think anytime it just as simple law of economics that you you underwrite some behavior which is not taking work You're going to get more of it than if you don't underwrite it. I know that some of the people contest that and say the studies aren't conclusive. I think that's That's definitely a

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