Sex Therapist, Dr Emily Morse, on What to Do With Mismatched Sex Drives

Sex With Emily


Have a higher libido than my partner and for me it's really hurtful to ask her sex try to initiate and to to be told no for whatever reason i'm tired or what have you and that said i mean the sexes. Great like it's really incredible. And i think part of it is is is a little bit older than i am. And i'm just i'm kind of in my sexual private thirty two and i understand like late. Twenties to mid late. Thirties is like that peak for women And he's forty one and he's also on depression medications that's that's an aspect of it so Yeah lots of factors but at a high level you know the difference in libido is make one yeah that's a really that is a big one and it's they often say yeah. You're you're late. Twenties early thirties. Thirties is when you have a high sex drive. It varies to person the but you know you're so this is where you are. And his libido is matching is that's that's what's going on right now and you have been with him for six months six months. Yeah we were friends for a couple years and We're actually long distance so when you do see each other because usually a lot of times long distances like we are together for a weekend or week and we have the whole time. You know i know. Have you talked to him about it. Definitely i mean. The communication is so good In the beginning of the relationship he was like ideally like he really was interested in starting to talk about sex pretty quickly great. Initially i was a little bit resistant. Because i was like. I really want like develop emotional piece of relationship before we go there but yeah i mean he asked like how often would you wanna hunchback's i told them like every day when we're together and he was like really. That's not what i you know known before at the time. He seemed like on board for that in like. But but then you know when we've been together it's like i'm tina just about every day and he's maybe like four times a week or so. There's been of discrepancy there.

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