Very Big Things Founder Chris Stegner on Outsourcing the Role of Technical Co-Founder



I wouldn't have thought that investors would be willing to back accompany where the key part of what they do is outsource to someone else. You realize this was a thing because you worked in a venture capital firm. And what did what were you seeing that made you say i think i have new idea for what i know. I love it. That's a that's a great question So to your point. I was i was a cto and junior partner ida vc fund in biscuit the idea was we cut a check to a startup for three to five million bucks on at that. Point is supposed to jump in helping figure out whatever game whether it's the good market strategy monetization their development design. Whatever it was and something that i'd get plagued with was say okay. Here's three million bucks now build a deb team or expand your one person deb team to a real dev team because we want to see all this stuff that built in the next six months gave you three million bucks six months better be done ready to rock and then six months later. They're sitting there and they're still trying to hire two or three people that can just work well together. Didn't lie on their resume. Paying there wasn't drama k. or they realized. Hey we need front. People need back in people. Need all these roles and it's just taking a long time to hire them so there's dad said things which drove us to say to them. Okay forget about building a team right now. You can do that over time. Just go and hire agency. An agency is the flip side or they're like cool. Give us a scope. Give us a check. Give us three months and we'll come back. And here's your product and good luck right okay for anybody building. Businesses especially businesses her determine agile. You need to be constantly paying attention to what's happening. Throughout the development what features people are liking doing focus group testing all these different things for the actual in product. Should never really be you. Set out to build on day one and there was no agency to do this purity. So it's it's the old best advice entrepreneur ever solve your own problem right. So at that point. I just i grabbed from the fund our vp of investment. Our creative director. You hire them away from the bbc fund hired him away okay said hey guys. This is a problem. We're all facing. Nobody solved it. Why don't we meet the guys solve it. People have the same problem

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