How to Be Happy With Marriage Therapist Tony Overbay


Look at these things where it says. Here's how to be happy any article. That is something this. And i often apply it as a therapist who has now been seen clients for fifteen plus years and who has done a dramatic shift in my own therapy model from cognitive behavioral therapy of just change your thought and be happy to then realizing that that maybe doesn't work for a lot of people and a better way in my opinion is this acceptance and commitment therapy way or more like you're having thoughts and feelings and emotions because you're human being and so it's normal to have those thoughts and feelings and emotions now. What do you do with them in often. One of the biggest challenges for happiness in my opinion is we're going after the wrong mark too often were doing these socially compliant versions of happiness. Where we say no. I should be happy and therefore i should do these things that everyone else does. That makes them happy or at least it looks like it makes them happy on social media. Instagram facebook take all those kinds of wonderful things and if they look happy than i should be happy doing those things as but too often again. A socially compliant goal is something that we do because we were supposed to or we think that. If we don't do it we're gonna let somebody else talking. Let somebody down from spouse to apparent to even even god and so a socially compliant goal is really deep concept. Embrace it can be so liberating to say. Why am i doing these things. Why am i doing something that that i think will make me happy. If i really feel that my core is not something that really matters to me.

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