A highlight from Episode 1261 - Tim Reid


All right. Let's do this how are you. What the fuckers. What the fuck buddies. What the fuck knicks. What's happening marc. Maron this is my podcast. Wpf welcome to it. Has everybody doing tim. Reid is my guest today. Tim reid i imagine. Most you know him. As venus flytrap from w. p. in cincinnati. I don't know that my younger listeners would know that he has had to show A fairly revolutionary show. Just in the sense. It was a black lead but that was Frank's place and i mean he's been on dozens of tv shows and he's a director as well but he's been working for at least fifty years and he started as a comic. This is the intent This is what brought me to him. Tom driessen who was on this show. also a comic lifer Was in the comedy team with tim. Reid at the in the seventies and they did they performed at the comedy store and driesen went on to live a life in stand up and and tim went onto to act and the reason he's on is he's part of this new documentary called the live at mister kelly's and it's about the iconic chicago nightclub. Mister kelly's which has been mentioned on this show by several timers. Shelley berman comes to mind but it was this A very Popular but progressive and interesting nightclub in chicago. I think it was It was started. Maybe in the fifties or sixties. I don't know watched a documentary when it comes out but you know getting back into that old comedy talk old comedy store talk. I just love it and i'm so weirdly not weirdly but i am definitely born again comedy store but i never left. I mean the other pandemic. I wasn't there but i am there every night. I mean if you get excited if you work at a place every night and all of a sudden you like excited to get the new t shirts. You are part of that place i've been i've been an appendage of that place since i was twenty one years old twenty two years old. I just wasn't around for a few years. But you know you know the story about me in that place just fucking happy about the new t shirts. Come on the world is ending by yourself. Some pants when i'm in pants. I slightly fat pants not totally fat pants slightly fat pants. We'll see what happens. And i went and got to this point because i wanted to get these weird ass pants and i. It doesn't matter doesn't matter. I'm just saying treat yourself throw away those underpants. They're they're nasty But what i was saying is i've had a couple of weeks. Downtime between my last gate one was salt lake city and saint louis. Which is this week. Come on down. There are some tickets. left certainly for the late shows which Be nice if you come. And i promise i won't dump on the on the state too much when i'm there i'll do the others. I'll do a broader stumpage funny stumpage a reminder folks wti pod dot com is where you can go if you wanna buy some wpf merger if you wanna get premium access to all of these shows episodes ad free or if you want to download recent episodes but wti pod dot com is also an example of what your website

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