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Here on Houston's Morning News is a special storm edition. We will go until eight o'clock this morning. Michael Barry will be on a date as usual. This morning, we will be ending our extended coverage. We we feel like we probably have served as best we can hear this morning. It's all a matter of clean up At this point. We're still getting some rain, especially east of Houston. Still getting some wind again east of Houston and some wraparound raining. Some spoke Sparks Katie. I think it's getting a little rain right now and and then some other places where the rain had stopped a little bit, but it's all pretty much of the light variety right here. Nothing really, to give all concerned at this point, the heavier bands that I'm looking here it looks like it's all out there in the gulf. It's out over water, but you're getting that swirling around now. So we're getting rain as far north as Nacogdoches, and it's coming back around through the Woodlands. It's even getting some into sugar, land and silly and so you know, but this is light rain. Nothing. Nothing in the systems can pretty much handle at this particular point. Important thing is, it's It's continuing to move eastward. And so, yes, Beaumont is getting a lot of right. I mean, the rain bands go all the way over to Baton Rouge past New Orleans now, so, uh, But again, it's not those training storms that you worry about that right? Let's hope the roads are in good shape lists. Check in with sky Mike and see what we're seeing out there. What he what he got. For the main lines are actually all right. You know Normally, if we weren't going to have a big rain flooding of it to 88 downtown would be a river. But it's not. That's not the story to the east of town, The 1 46. I'm getting reports of scattered flood spots mainly around rich around Seabrook and Chema. But to 25 is totally shut down The Port Freeway totally shut down main lines only between Richie And Shaver. Weirdly, the feeder road is actually higher than the mainline so you can do the feeder. For now, I'm sky Mike Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 Hour traffic center from our ktrh Top tax Defenders. 24 hour Weather Center Terry Smith is standing by the storm continues to move to the north Northeast away from the greater Houston area, but we're still gonna be dealing with some rain in parts of town for a while, right, Terry We are indeed. Uh, I was just looking at some of our rainfall amounts. As of oh, about five o'clock in the morning or so. And in Houston around the Houston area. We've had about six inches of rain. Total League City has picked up over 7.5 inches around Galveston's had the most rain. Uh, almost 14 inches of rain, which is a lot of rain. The latest update on Nicholas is that it is continuing to weekend as expected, 60 Mile an hour sustained winds. Still vary slowly moving off to the north Northeast. Now at about eight miles an hour. This is going to continue this very slow movement, eventually moving northeast and then East. Um, but it's about 15 miles off to the south southwest of Houston, So the center of the storm is close enough to us that it's still going to be a nuisance. For the next couple hours. Once it's Easter, Houston will be on the back side. The drier side the weaker side so less rain less wind later on this afternoon, right now, a little rain and wind and 71 in your officials. Severe weather station NewsRadio, 7 40 ktrh. Exactly 74 an hour time. Sure is here ready to fill us in on some of the biggest stories about this storm this morning? Yes. Well, you just heard Galveston is what got drenched. But that storm made landfall a shortly right around midnight shortly after midnight at Sergeant, a little dinky town as I like to call my own hometown about the same population. But the facts of that this is what it sounded like. Well, it's like wind whipped. Yeah. You don't ever forget that if you ever lived through that it came on wood long made landfall as a cat one hurricane Tropical Storm Nicholas, though moving away slowly damage in its wake Rain still ahead of it. Here's Ktrh is Jeff Biggs with all the latest yet it seems so far. The big problem has been these power outages. CenterPoint now saying over 414,000 still without power right

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