Is There A BigBox Retail Opportunity for eCommerce Sellers?

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The first major question. I've got ask you then is the dumb question. The that is nevertheless anyone is in e commerce and they kind of self identifies an ecommerce seller or whatever. Why even bother with that old school offline brick and mortar world. Isn't it just dying especially under cove. It is even an opportunity anymore. No it's a dining whole. There's a lot of talks about the retail apocalypse. And i've been hearing this for like almost decade but there is no apocalypse and it never happened. And it's not going to happen. Let me explain as of today. The numbers are showing statistics. Not what i think what. I see statistics from everyone. Can google that that your first of all the three hundred twenty thousand physical stores in the states. Which is i mean people. When won't win. They wanna say something big talk about millions but when you talk about not billions three hundred thousand stores. This is like a huge number huge huge number huge potential. That's number one number. Two moving forward be numbers. Amazon is still between ten to eleven percent of the out of the retail marketing. The state's not the online market the whole retail market and wants to know and understand that this data you know that does like another ninety percents that your products are most probably not being exposed to and this ninety percent is built from. I divided too few blocks. It's easier for me to see that way. But brick and mortar is just one block. It's a huge block but it's one block now inside the brecon motor. You have like discounters. You have high end meat and a big boxes. You have different different kinds of companies. If you look at macy's they have more than eight hundred stores. If you look at the small retailer like Vollmar thirty six stores. But if you look at big with tj maxx. They have four thousand stores. Cvs has almost ten thousand stores when talking about you know. They're big companies. These company's needs products to sell now before we go to the products. And so this is one block okay. It's divided inside of your sleep. This is like the retail. What what you call old school and this old school exist. There's still you know teachers and students and everything. It's it's still sending something very good. Whatever you do does no you know. There's no way to change the fact that going on on shopping with friends with wife with the with the kids or whatever it is is like an experience. You know it's like having fun. It's a part of something it's not just going. They're buying it and that's it so a lot of people you know especially in the states they would. They would by amazon nobody. There's no no doubt about it and they would buy on the other like online platforms but the brick and mortar is not going anywhere. It's you know it's something that's gonna last. I think like still for

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