When It Comes to Business, Ignore the Real World



Reworked book with a look at the essay entitled ignore the real world this goes into that common trope that new ideas are bound to fail or that these things may work for a company like base camp but would never work for company x. and as always i'm joined by base camp co-founders and the authors of rework david meyer hanson. Welcome thank you and jason freed. Welcome sean. I've noticed in a lot of these essays. Start with something along the lines of you always hear someone has said xyz and in this case the quote you use is that idea would never work in the real world is still something that that you find pretty prevalent yet. But that's the that's the standard rebuttal. I still is or or or there's a variation of it which is like that would never work for us. That would never work in our company and so that would never work in. The real world is kind of a catchall for all those variations on that rebuttal. But yeah we still hear that. I think what's interesting is that One of the things we heard up until a year ago is that remote work would never work here or there or everywhere. Feel like dr seuss thing there. But what's nice is that that myth was busted obviously know during difficult circumstances but everyone had it was forced to basically work remotely and it it works. Now it's hard in some ways and some people didn't do quite right and there's all their challenges that come up and there's isolation's all that stuff but at least like the real world in that case was forced to reckon with a situation that what were the real world had to give for second people had to try something new it worked so i think anytime you can bust a myth or sort of for someone to try. Something they believe is impossible is a good is a good time was a good moment. And that's what we just had happened of the past year or so. I think the other

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