When Should You Use Resistance Bands?

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Question is from ms denise morales. When should you use the resistance ban during weight training or will it benefit more to use it when you're priming your body both Resistance bands are extremely versatile. Valuable ways of changing workouts adding variable resistance. Priming your body. You know what's funny about resistant spans is they were not really considered You know like a serious exercise tool for a time and then you saw strength. Athletes really start to use them. I can't remember which. Powerlifting group did any as westside barbell really. I know the soviets used studies. That's where they got it from got it from and then you got strength. Athletes started using them and they started crushing and competitions and know initially bands were considered kind of wimpy. But it's hard to do that when you guys girl squatting and lifting as much as they did nixing people started using them. I started using them myself. as variable resistance watson dead lifts loved them and then use them for trigger sessions. Absolutely love them and now a week doesn't go that. I don't use resistance band so i think they're extremely valuable and one of the reasons why they're so valuable. Is there resistance. Gets harder as you stretch them out which is very different than what you experience with weights. Think you need a variable resistance for the the listeners. understand. So if i have if i have a band. I'm doing a overhead. Press with. I may start here at forty pounds but as stretch it out. It gets much harder now. The cool thing about this is as my arm extends. I tend to get stronger as well. So the resistance matches how my strength tends to express itself. So it's like. I get more resistance right when i get stronger. Which is kinda cool. And it's the opposite of what happens when you have a bar bell or dumbo. Yeah as you get barbells dumbbells you get closer to the end of the movement. It's much easier than what it is at. The weight stays the same right or with the freeway because it's working against gravity. If i'm doing a preacher curl it's heavy down here. But when i'm up here it's not heavy at all because i'm just supported by l. belt whereas with the resistance band it's always challenging. Do i think they can replace weights. No but i think in addition to extremely

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