A highlight from Spanish and Latin American Composers 3: Mexican Composers


Welcome to classics for kids. I'm naomi lewin in the sixteenth century. Kice soldiers from spain sailed to mexico and took over the country from the native or indigenous people who lived there. The spanish brought their language their religion and their music to the place they called. Nueva espana you. Spain seventeenth century. Composer fancisco lopez. Copious was a singer organist but soonest and priest. He directed music at the cathedral in mexico city for hundreds of years. Classical music by mexican composers sounded a lot like music by europeans. One of the most famous waltzes ever written so very oles over. The waves is by human. Tino rosas grossest came from central mexico. He grew up playing violin and he toured the united states and cuba after gross died when he was just twenty six. The town where he was born changed. Its name to santa cruz day who went neurosis. Mexico became independent from in the nineteenth century but the music. The spanish brought with them stayed so did the music from enslaved people who'd been brought to mexico from africa. Those combined with the music of indigenous people whom the spanish called indios to create a distinctly mexican sound known as salm spanish for sound. That's mariachi playing as harambee patio also called the mexican hat dance. Mariachi can mean a kind of band. The music that dan plays or musician in the band which usually consists of violins trumpets and guitars and all the instrument players saying early in the twentieth century. Manuel ponce started putting music. He grew up with into compositions for the concert hall. Since pensee was the first composer to us mexican folk tunes and popular songs in his music. He became known as the father of mexican musical nationalism after the mexican revolution which ended in nineteen twenty mexican nationalist composers started including more indio elements rhythm and melody in their music. That's carlos chavez conducting his symphonia india indian symphony which is based on indigenous melodies from three different mexican states chavez also used native percussion instruments in the peace after he became music director of the oldest symphony orchestra in mexico. Chavez asked sylvester right well test to be his assistant conductor revolt. Us was a violinist who wrote all kinds of music part of his score for the film. La noce de las. Maya's the night of the maya's is based on dance called khurana from yucatan a state on the gulf of mexico. Dance music from different gulf coast. State vera cruz. Inspired jose pablo moncayo. When carlos chavez was planning a concert of mexican music. he asked moncayo to write something based on the wa pongal. Gabriela ortiz grew up surrounded by folk music both her were members of the group. Los full cody status. Which was started to keep mexican and latin american folk music alone. Ortiz dedicated her composition. Three-storey those three little bowls to a member of los folklore easter's arturo marquez. Grew up in a musical family to his father was a member of a mariachi band. But that wasn't the music that inspired marcus. The most johnson. A latin dance got started in cuba. Then it crossed the gulf of mexico to mexico marquez composed off old set of orchestra pieces called don song number two is the most famous next week on classics for kids music from more latin american countries. I'm naomi lewin. I write classics

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