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Radio is approaching six hundred total episodes and so for our loyal listeners. You probably realize real quick but this is not the voice of dave woodward. Let me take a second and introduce myself for everybody listening. I m miles clifford and i'm actually going to be filling in for dave woodward for the next little while i don't know if all you've seen the youtube video that russell released talking about him going to tony robbins mastermind and talking to him about. Hey what's the next steps. I need to take to really scale and grow my business and also you know take care of myself and my personal life and from that conversation. He had with tony robbins. Russell decided to step down as ceo and go focus on the things that he loves that things that wake them up in the morning. Get them super excited. Which is the marketing funnel building all those things in like so russell step down a ceo and woodward actually stepped into that role in for anyone. Who knows dave on a personal level. Here click finals from outside of the company. Looking in you know that there is no one better for the ceo role than dave woodward. So with that comes a lot. More responsibilities and roles in dave is going to be focusing on those for the next little while we have so much coming up and so many exciting things happening here at quick finals. The energy here in the office is buzzing like crazy. And so with that davis focusing on those things you know. We have a handful of events coming up our largest one. Frontal hacking live literally next month at the time. I am recording this and so we are so excited about that. And with dave shifting his focus to those other things. Like i mentioned i will be stepping in for a little while and doing click funnels radio so i'm super excited about this. I absolutely love quick funnels radio. I am one of those avid listeners. That has almost made all through six hundred episodes of click tunnels radio and so just just excited to be here. I'm glad they trusted me to come on here and do this and hopefully we can build a little bit of a relationship as well you the listener in me as well and i'm just super excited about this but i wanted to tell you a little bit about myself so like i mentioned money's miles clifford. I have been clicked finals for almost five years. I always make the joke like. I'm like that rusty swiss army knife. I got a lot of functions can do a lot of things. But i don't do anything extremely well in it. Just kind of the running joke here. And i have no problem with it. I like to banter like to make fun of myself. I like to have fun joke with people. So hopefully we can convey that here on. Click on radio so whatever you do do. Not hit unsubscribe because i do not need to get fired. A bunch of people left to click on radio world so stay. Listen hang out a while and we're super excited about this but a little bit about myself. I'm married. i have a kid. I love lincoln eighty two. I love sports. I love traveling. In the reason. The travel to go watch either. Sporting events or to go find new places that have exotic or amazing tasting foods. Now you're probably like well. Why miles just tell us. All this. And i'm going to tell you why because my mentor. Dave woodward once showed me when we went to an event in a different state. I watched as every person whether they were big name. A small name somewhere in between they came up to dave. Everyone knew dave woodward and something that amaze me is dave woodward new every single one of those people any new something about them. It wasn't just surface level. It wasn't like oh. Hey this is you know this guy and he owns his company or isn't this and she owns this company. It was like all right. Hey it's this guy. He owns his company. And i'm going to ask about his kid. Because i know he is eight years old and really loves baseball. Like dave always made a point to go more than surface level. He would go deep and really understand who these people were. And just you know. As as i reported to him. I saw this. And i've actually made a concerted effort to do the same things because just the impact. It has not only on the people that were serving but also on ourselves like we actually get to know people build real relationships. And i mean days always paying attention like i don't know if you've been a witness of this but if you post a story about you having a bad day at golf and you lost a bunch of golf balls well guess what days probably going to send you a box of be one golf balls if you just had a baby or something like that is going to send you a funnel hacker onesie or something like that. Like dave is always paying attention to what's going on in people's lives so he can build those long lasting relationships and for those of you that are business owners who are utilizing the dream one hundred strategy. I think you realize like it's not just reaching out to people getting an address and shipping a package. That doesn't mean anything to them. It's reaching out to people building a relationship giving giving giving giving giving and we truly believe or at least i do in the law. Reciprocity where what goes around comes around and like we don't do things expecting things in return but we know like the more we give and give and give things always come back full circle. So that's one thing. I'm super appreciative. Of of day. Four is teaching me those different things how to really understand people understand what's going on in their lives paying attention to it and then honestly facilitating conversations around those things. So it's not just the surface level conversation room like hey how's your biz all good all right. We'll see you later but really like. Hey how's your business. Oh man you guys took that trip like how cool is that. You built this business that allows you to step away and take a trip to hawaii with with your wife and kids or your husband and kids and and enjoy those things and so am. I didn't want to just come onto this episode and say. Hey i'm filling in for dave hobie has come back for the next one but i wanted to come on here. Share one of the greatest lessons. I've learned from dave woodward because obviously we know that dave is the voice of click finals radio. He has been for almost six hundred episodes and so for a short period of time. Like a mentioned. I'll be filling in. Hopefully i can live up to the expectations that you guys have when you tune into click on radio. But i'm so excited to be doing this As we lead up to funnel hacking live which is a month away from the time. I am recording. This we're going to be interviewing some of our funnel hacking live speakers. I have a relationship with a lot of them. You know as we've been working through the details and all those things getting them ready for final hacking lives because one of the roles and responsibilities. I have here clicked. Tunnels is running our events. And so i'm so excited to have some of them on. Just i mean when russell goes through and curates. This funnel hacking live event every single year. He is literally picking things that are going to be most relevant at that time of year. It seems you know. This is what people need right now. And he has curing the speakers in the way they're presenting and what they're presenting. What data presenting. What time and just in a way that is going to be the most impactful for you and for your business so super excited for that so make sure you're coming back listening to the interviews. I'm going to be having with some of our total hacking live speakers. And if you don't already have a ticket to funnel hacking live what are you waiting for. We have a live in person

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