The Wheels Are Coming off of the Godless Alt Left Vehicle


I am guffaw. Which is the word they don't use very often the wheels coming off of the vehicle of the godless alt-left as we call it down here The wheels the lug nuts. They're they're coming loose baby. It's like a car chase. It's like steve mcqueen boat or clint eastwood any car chase dukes hazard the lugs are come. A little loose right and we'll start wobbling wa wa wobble and sooner or later the wheels fall right off like any car chase you watch from l. a. when they're streaming those why because right before various people tell us to believe the science and then say seventy two genders and guys can periods and babies. Their whole platform is falling apart and we got to see our former president barack hussein in his global warming beachfront home. That's not a good investment if you believe oceans are going to rise. Spent twelve million a peach ronald but anyway. When barack hussein had his no mask celebrity will raise the roof party and it was caught on social media. what they thought was quickly deleted. But as you know nothing's really deleted social media some dude out there somewhere eating cheetos watching golden girls and two o'clock in the morning screen cabinet and it's it's it's living on so the people who are like. Oh wear masks staying. Don't come out get in get down. They're all out there. You know eating steak and chicken at their vegetarian. Dinners with once again. That doesn't make sense wearing hawaiian. Shirts would no masks so the wheels coming off right.

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