Andrew McMahon Tackles Money Problems In 'Paper Rain'


Got an email from listener will who pointed us to a song with a heavy gambling theme. It's called paper. Rain by andrew mcmahon and the lyrics. Tell the story of someone who's desperate for money and needs to win and that's never a good thing but it makes her good song and it's definitely got some heavy gambling themes and vegas teams and even lyrics specifically about craps. I'm just going to read a couple of here for example. Oh las vegas. I'm running out of time. So obviously you know. He's he's going to go to las vegas to gamble the valley floor where the neons sores like a hand to heaven. I've got work to do role in them sevens. So there you go. Yeah and towards the end of the song even got a stack on the line and a stack behind rolling like a wave on a moonlit night. Money on the four money on the eight paying down the marker because the bank won't wait there you go. He's got a line bet with odds spent on the four and the eight for some reason. It's kind of an odd combo. But maybe he's got money on other numbers as well may. He's not a don't player so that's nice. That's good it's nice. I mean better. Chance for a big role. If he needs to pay off his dad's. You're winning five dollars on the don't doesn't make sense. No he's got a marker out that he's gotta pay yeah even though towards the beginning of it it looks like he was selling some stuff to a pawnbroker to get some money. So i don't know it's i think this guy's got himself into some financial straits here. Let's just say maybe maybe not anyway again. The song is paper rain and that sort of represents money raining down on you know. That's the paper paper. Money and the artist is andrew mcmahon. I'll put a link to his video in the show notes. Okay is there. Craps in the video. Yes it's interesting because the video tells a little bit of a different story then the lyrics in this version. There's a kid who kind of over. Here's his parents talking about how they don't have a lot of money and so he gets some money and dresses up to look older than he is and goes to like an underground casino is one of the games that he plays. Yeah all right so it borders on child endangerment yes right so you know whereas the song itself is about a guy who's really gotten himself into a terrible situation and he feels that gambling is the way out of it then. The video on top of that makes it a minor was trying to solve these problems. And so i don't know that we problematic smart. Yeah it all sounds pretty iffy to

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