Getting to know ELEMIS with Noella Gabriel


In two thousand tree. We launched Marine crane at a time when everyone thought asking scott older creams should get richer. And suddenly we come up with this beautiful gel cream and i was very passionate. It had to be a joke queen. Because i feel very strongly that a lot of the creams night there too heavy into rich. They often the close overnight. Because the skating. Max's oath it max out. So the prolong this beautiful gel cream. Texture that sits beautiful the lipid barrier really fast. So it's not moving around all day long and when you run you makeup over exits really. Steadfast doesn't move to me was a real. Plus and that was a very disruptive moment in in anti-aging here is coming up with this gel cream when everyone was getting thicker insecurity as you got older and order in order and it was a real we moment because we wanted to put something on the skin that allowed the skin to function. I want it allowed to read. Because it's your largest talk skin. It's the largest organ you have in your body. It has a big function and it's very busy through the day. So when you take the skinner's an organ and just looking at look what he does all day. No it's so busy. It's recycling all day long. It's recycling before we ever even understood about recycling. and either. So why give it another job to do on top of that so for us about making sure that we respect to that concept and we're very passionate manam Delivered barrier ecosystem. The skin hell's on of that you know you're you're pro in prebiotics all of the buzzwords we have today but fundamentally it's about making sure you're not interfering with this in your keeping beautiful linked calm but at the same time getting the

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