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The process is very good. And he's got a commercial directing stool almost many classes and documentary filmmaker and probably knows more about the lives of comedians than anybody. Because he's done three documentaries about jordan brady jordan joining us shortly and i have more food allergies than anybody. I'm no one has more food allergies tonight to and that'll be a new series called. I'm allergic so on. Today's show a couple of things that i wanted to share with you. First of all we talked to people about mental health entertainers creative people from all fields. We talk about mental health and then we practice skills because mental health is a practice. There is so many simple things that you can do to change your relationship to your thoughts and feelings relationship to thoughts and feelings. It has a big role in our lives that and understanding how our brain works. If those two things were covered in any aspect in any field at any time the world would be completely different. That's all i'm going to say about it now. Does that mean that. I do it absolutely not absolutely not. No one is better than at giving advice and not following it than me. If there was an award get frequent flyer miles. I'd beyond pluto. No one is better at that. We're gonna talk about judgement. Judging yourself and others comparing yourself others out to become aware of it make another choice. Usually we do emotional shoutouts. But i'm gonna tell a quick story because my daughter and i just came back from a trip back east boston and we were lucky. Enough to go to fenway park and sit in the owner seats and watch the red sox and pretty much the last time they won a game. That was a couple of weeks ago. And now i want to tell you a story that sorta relates to that. You don't have to be a baseball fan. Sports fan to follow this year is one thousand. Nine hundred seventy and the red sox have just lost a fifteen and a half game lead in the new york yankees and they have to play a one game. Playoff at fenway park. And my father. And i are watching the game on the edge of my parents bed. Which is i. don't think it's a king size. But i think it's a stadium size. There is a multicolored bedspread on there. It looks like an angry. Jewish housewife has just fingerpainted. It's kind of like my father is in a t shirt. We're watching a phil co black and white portable television set with a coathanger antenna because we used to carry the set around the house to avoid communication with each other. One time. i dropped down. The stairs. didn't let gold and broke my thumb. This these are real stories. I've got my head on his shoulder. I'm young kid. I'm watching and we're believing that the red sox are gonna lose because until two thousand and four. They had lost for eighty six years and there was a collective feeling of negativity constant constant negatively no matter what always waiting for the worst to happen so we're watching the game. The red sox are up and run and on the mound is rhyme. Gigiri was a cy young winner and was twenty five and three twenty five wins three losses that year and up to the plate comes my father's idle car trump's stransky number eight. He gets into the box. And gigiri throws a fastball on the outside corner ninety seven miles an hour and e gets going going gone. Shrimp ski is brownie basis. And i look over at my father. My father is fine. Here's my said daddy okay. Why are you crying. Because i'm trapped in america. Understand that so i bring that up just because just because we're getting back into that negative beliefs space with the red sox and it just reminded me of like how much your experience is what you're thinking and how you can think about what you don't want or think about what you do. On and in those days you had an entire fan base. That was thinking about what they didn't want and it worked out that way for eighty six years. They didn't get what they wanted. Okay so we came back. We have this great experience. We're coming back from vacation. This is terrific. And i wanna introduce. I

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