A highlight from LCB Ep. 389 - Top Chain Restaurant Rankings, Elijah Wood Interview, Bond No Time To Die Trailer, and FartAir


Watch coach prime in all access. Look at one of the greatest players and icons in. Nfl history during his first season as a college football head coach in the six episode documentary series we follow dion sanders mission of leveling the playing field between hughes and power five programs. It's prime like you've never seen prime before. Only that barstool sports presented by chevy silverado. I'm not. I'm that i'm not an on all off on that fifty and beyond he can get me out of this mess that he's gonna sure up shmaya pay. You can't handle the truth. Maybe not maybe fuck yourself your kid john. One day of what. We hear is fading. Yes just road going. We don't leave happy birthday. All welcome bars still episode. Which had the real intro because bucket two episodes left on your ship yell at me. They're not going to sue us. No one's going to sue us braveheart. Only only on the prodigy stand up by the product. Maybe patty we're add the podcast with with a special song. The last two episodes here because we're not gonna make it to. October did sell ding ding ding ding ding Three eighty nine episode of of barstool. We have an interview with frodo himself. Elijah wood today. We have so demeaning when you say it that way like i do something about the name frodo. it's nothing the characters. Great it just the name of the association of nerdiness to it. It's like the new the new lineup for for jackass or be the la- bam like we got rob himself and then frodo himself also. Yes has town. But he wasn't awesome interview he was one of the most enthusiasts a interviews that we've ever had he's awesome very probably the most like in-depth about his answers and stuff And then we were. Also we're about vacation friends like ninety seconds. I think we have. We're we're doing the most ambitious thing in the history of this podcast. Today there's two drafts left. We're gonna have like the ultimate movie draft on monday by the way is last episode. It's a it's a holiday weekend so we you know whenever the holiday we go the day after we're gonna do a very large movie draft but today is a twelve round chain restaurant draft It is it's big it's big. It's one of the most important things you've ever done. This podcast ambitious for sure. Ambitious three fast food chains or fast. Casual three sit down chains three items a logo a restaurant exterior or building and then the worst. We have good czar. it's going to be. it's going to be good. That's our big. It's the biggest draft we ever done. So liberal. The biggest drop in the history of podcast. Let me ask you. Let me ask you quick question. If i pick. Like just bonanza restaurant as my best sit down chain. Cosso picked that for the exterior. I think so. Yeah oh yeah yeah okay. I mean a lot of crossover here. There's crossover in the in the cap zim. No no okay. That makes a little bit easier. Yeah so we'll do it. We'll do a live drawing for first pick. I think that's very important. So we'll we'll do all back. I have yeah okay anyway. What's before we

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