Feds Launch Civil Rights Investigation Into 5 States Over Mask Mandate Bans


This a big story buck and it kind of is getting lost. A little bit in the afghanistan shuffle. I would say but the federal government is investigating five different states that have allowed parents to make decisions about whether or not their kids wear masks among those states. Florida tennessee texas. I believe oklahoma and also a fifth state. Obviously not a surprise. Red states are being investigated by federal civil rights investigators at the department of justice. This is pure madness designed to try to make everybody make the exact same decisions so win buck as happens and is already happening this curve that now the cases are diminishing in florida in texas and they're starting to diminish in tennessee. Already happened in missouri and arkansas. When this happens what usually occurs is the blue check brigade and all the mask mandate losers out there. Say oh well. The reason cases started to go down. They've been arguing this for eighteen months because people started wearing their masks. Well the data doesn't work if there's no mask mandate so rhonda santa is now in the middle of a mask fight. We talked about this. Was it on friday. I think it was buck when a local court in tallahassee florida said the governor had exceeded his authority they now are going to appeal. The department of justice is involved. Here's rhonda santa's on the mass gorse. Well it's gonna be appealed. Obviously it's if you look at the ruling. He's basically saying that. It had violated the school school boards. The parents bill of rights violence the school but in reality school. boards weren't even parties to the case. So i think we're not really good grounds to appeal In terms of the first district court of appeal and look at the end of the day. What the parents. Bill of rights requires in our judgment. Is that parents be given the right to opt out.

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