Jared Dudley Joining Jason Kidd's Coaching Staff With Dallas Mavericks


Dudley has agreed to become an assistant coach with the mavericks. The forward spent the last. Two seasons with the lakers. And lebron wasn't thrilled about seeing him. Depart lebron tweeted quote congrats to my guy if this is true which it probably is but face palm. Emoji man leap. I'm getting good at reading. Lebron's tweets if i do say so myself shannon. Are you surprised by how hard we're onto this no Because a lot of times you look at the bubble. You never saw lebron without jared dudley. Anthony davis around when you see them out a group setting was normally. They're duds now what they call the dude anyways. Get so for me. I'm not surprised. Lebron lebron lebron geico's two guys. He understands they're gonna be tired that they leave and is always it's hard but that doesn't make it it. It's the right thing for a deadly to do at this point in time scale but that doesn't make it any easier on

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