Senator Lindsey Graham Helped Biden Reshape the Federal Judiciary


Hearing senator lindsey graham talk about biden's failed that ghanistan policy makes me think of last night's tucker carlson monologue. What a scathing. Takedown of senator graham pointing something out that. We haven't paid a lot attention to a lot of americans have noticed this. A lot of people are focused on so many other things live in our lives. Doing the best we can. I get it. i get it i get. It biden is appointing activist judges at a record pace. He is doing everything he hand to remake judiciary and try to correct all the trump accomplishments. And lindsey graham has gone along with all the appointees we may grab that tucker carlson monologue. It's always tough for me because on a personal level. I appreciate senator lindsey graham. I think he's right on a lot of issues. He has been came out swinging against donald trump early on but then he completely pivoted becoming one of president. Trump's closest allies. It's a little bit like the ted cruz trajectory and you could look at that one of two ways the left and the and people who hate trump despise the way ted cruz and lindsey graham pivoted on the subject of donald trump. I think more objectively speaking these senators put country ahead of their own beliefs and their own feelings about president trump. it. I think it takes a lot of guts to change course like that

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