A highlight from Coping With The Latest 'Normal' with Steve Lim aka Steebu

First of All


You're listening to own. Hey guys welcome after first of all a real unfiltered conversation on career family relationships and culture. I'm your host mingy chiang. I'm an actor producer entrepreneur assure inspiring stories into walk everyday life. If you guys are doing well you're sage. Stick stay healthy inside as a perfect intro to this week's episode because that is what we are talking about staying safe stay sane and staying healthy which is a tall order in twenty twenty one Even though my guest this week. Steve limb three p. Just returning a friend of mine even though we are vaccinated in very privileged part of the world. it's still a lot to manage sometimes and to pivot and adjust to all the different changes. That are happening Now that we are a year and a half into the cove universe. And this is funny. Because stephen i recorded this i think a week ago and already in that time the landscape has continued to change evolve because of the delta variant so please Listen to everything that is happening in this conversation with a grain of salt. Obviously it is a very specific moment in time. I don't know when you're listening to this. We recorded this at the end of july. Two thousand twenty one and there is so much happening all the time must why we need to talk about it. So if you've been going through it in your various ways reentering society Being a little extra like myself and traveling and seeing lots of friends and find yourself really frazzled and low energy and stressed about how to navigate relationships and how to stay safe and all of that All the changes and everything. That's going on. We are here for you. We are here to socially distance. And metaphorically hold your hand through this so i hope that you enjoy Steve's very deep inside all of his amazing strategies on how to cope and Yeah my general feedback and thought processes that hopefully guys are used to buy now and hope that you're enjoying in case Police stick around for the end of the episode as always we have a featured Independent artists that. I love and i wanna share Friends of mine this week. We have run river north returning with their songs. Spiders i just love it. And i think it's so suited for this episode. So that you stick around to the end and listen to that. Because they're amazing and they make incredible music. Just but in the meantime enjoy this episode. With steve lynn navigating. The new normal indonesian came in eighty eight stream still bride. They knew right away sticker cut into the move. Nobody's thanks oprah. Now they're attacked by a rug and screamed in my ear and now we are here. I apologize i apologize. it's just You know just you got to pivot every half second these guys. It's all about the pivot. Pivot pivot pivot title of this episode. I think we have it now. Pivot pivot pivot I'm doing a little dance. I wish you could see it. But it's not worth watching okay. We'll boomerang it later. And then i'll use the ross me from oca- friends all right. You are hino. Sure you have the hair now too anyway back. How are you doing okay. I mean we're both dislike hunker down again kind of where we're just for time reference because every time we have these check ins and we're talking about this new normal that we're trying to figure out right now and it's been a hell of eighteen months. We're recording this end of july beginning of august of twenty twenty one. Well here's a here's what for me. I feel like The lesson is is that there's no such thing is normal. Yeah that was just the concept that we think we understood but the reality is normal is just the fabrication. It's an ideal welcome to first of all everyone where we go right out. The gate knows that. If you've been listening to this podcast y'all know so anyway but yeah love it new neural. What's your fabric. What okay first of all. Let's start off with like we. We tried recording this and it was really funny because we recorded this. I think in may and we both been vaccinated cetera. So we can kind of regroup on that. Because i don't know what happened. I'm trying to remember and memory is like a nice little luxury. That i don't have any more. You don't remember that probably means you got cova you've got the brain fog memory loss long. Cove it right there in your drops was losing my taste man because food is like the one thing that like gives the most joy and i was like. You can't take that away from me so there's literally going to lose my taste. I know some people who probably got cova but it wasn't like in december or january with before you know it was more widely known And they just felt they described having just like everything tastes like metal. So you can imagine that it's like that's not fun. Yeah well i remember the main thing of it is like you shirt tastes completely so you would even taste anything. But he teased and metal. I mean if it messes with your your that part of your brain and not functionality than it might have been who might maybe they just got like a pre alpha No you can't use that word. Maybe like a pre trial version of kovic so it wasn't like complete his the taste loss metallic. Just you know this very deeply. Scientific speculation is brought to you. Talk to her. Because it's like even the cdc has been pretty terrible over this pandemic about being clear on what the guidelines are so. Yeah i'm not i.

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