Trump Meets First Responders in New York on the Anniversary of 9/11


Are incredible people. I want to thank you for that. Endorsement then endorsement so much down all fairness. I don't think any police department anywhere endorsed the other guy ninety. I must have gotten close to one hundred percent of close to one hundred percent. There couple of strays everywhere. We're trying to figure out what they are. We the military. We get great with the military. We did incredible with police and fire. So i just want to thank you. Yes president a former president trump with cops firefighters. Steve hilton said that was a very powerful image to see. President trump with a bunch of first responders while president biden is being heckled and booed and even trolled by little kids wearing trump hats. I thought steve hilton's commentary on fox. News was pretty profound. There was something that happened this weekend. I don't know why it just really put it really sort of pointed up. The contrast i think between what we've seen from biden and the white house over the past few months or so and what we had with. President trump is this picture with president trump. on nine eleven. He chose to spend with the police officers and fire department of new york. And just really look at that picture. Something about that photo of him drink there. I don't know what it is. It was very powerful to me. It really showed the contrast with this biden regime. He's right. there's such a dramatic difference right now. There's a mood in the country. And i here's a poll. That came out from cnn. I don't know if you trust the polar not vast majority of republican voters say they want donald trump to run and in two thousand twenty four. Sean spicer told us today. Not only will trump run in two thousand twenty four and he will be the nominee and he will win

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