How to Create Your Own Product for eCommerce

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What most people call market research. I call a very superficial idea. I mean it's twenty twenty one. This idea was being outlet for years. It's not enough to use helium tan or jungle scout. Whatever you up of choices if you're in the amazon space or of its new google space h refs or whatever the nfl shop or find your main traffic. John could be through legal Seo whatever it is. That is not enough in my opinion. Okay well that means you understand the keywords as being typed into google or amazon by the searches but you don't understand the lives of the searches and the search intent is always going to be a guest work so you really dive deep. I think and then the flip side of that is by diving deep into market research. It means you're creating a product is much more likely to actually exactly solve a problem for a specific insieme. So that the two sides of the same coin buddy okay so break down the steps towards what's step one. Step two step three. How do you do this. What's the routine. Yes so this is a market research side. The first thing is to start with who you are and what you know. A lot of people tend to start with keyword research and for example. Somebody who's twenty years. A doctor trying to see some brand plus it which he knew nothing about to send him. Could it be that we need to tap into your expertise in some married one. One example extreme example of somebody. I interviewed recently. Jason frontiers based on in florida actually formed the business for athletes and hip. One of his business partners has is a doctor of physical medicine. So in british contacts means a physiotherapists really genuinely expert. Very very expert in. And he's seven crawford athletes straightaway the have a competitive advantage built-in based on who's on the team which is something to really think about how you can get an item advantage built in because you have disadvantages already because you don't know what you're doing had this is your first time out with physical products or even if you go into new market and you've been selling in ten years or superfly may new market you have a built in disadvantage to build one in so. I think that's really important thing to be honest so brainstorming. What you really know. It's such a common story you just expressed and i've i've had these experiences. Well where you talk to people. And they have ten twenty thirty years of experience. In a certain industry or vocation and when it comes to them building an online business they go in just some completely random different like you know dream

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