Manny Pacquiao Prepares for His Potential Final Fight

ESPN Daily


Simkin you just spend time with one of the biggest athletes on planet earth. What did you see what i saw in los angeles is in the build up to what is potentially the final fight of many pack yells story. Career was in many ways similar to every other up to every other big manny pack. I'll fight tim. Cuban is a senior writer for espn. The routine was the same. His training was the same. The schedule is the same. He still eats chicken and rice for breakfast. Every morning and gets gets teased for it. People are still gathering around him whether it be at griffith park where he does his workouts in the morning in a parking lot or at his home where people come to to pay their respects to him what he has met to them in their lives and how important he is figure in philippine culture but in many other ways this was a vastly different experience. This fight for manny pack. Yo is a transition of sorts. He will be moving on to a much. Perhaps more dangerous sport if you will in philippine politics there's a certain element of unease and uncertainty surrounding him. And it's because the title. He will soon be vying for its president of the philippines and his opponent. Rodriguez do tei is unlike any other. He has ever faced a man who plays by his own set of rules.

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