Is John Milius the Most Influential Modern Filmmaker in America Today?


The way to the students. I thought i wanna talk to amanda against lover. She's a patriot. she's a good gal. Should i mention her. Dad again. Is it imbalances. Has she fed up. don't they know i don't. I'm not fed up by gets it was read on day the other day red door because the something years that yeah. It's true it's true. She gave his signed poster. Red dawn guys signed by. John milius himself and i wanna talk about him just for a little bit. Why because i was awake slate. My wife was traveling three. Am so what what comes up on my youtube feed. The documentary called millions. And i thought is this going to be a hit job. Because he's the off onto hebrew of hollywood. he's a conservative. he's a patriot. Is this going to be you. Know a lamb basking of this man's record. I tell you. I don't know who made it and i texted you off to midnight. And yeah they're really good guys. And i always allow him and his movies. But even i as a film fan didn't realize just how many things he touched. Which are seminal not just as directed but you know when when he rewrites the uss minneapolis seen from joe's. Where when he fixes sean. Kearney says i'm not gonna do right. Oh tober unless john milius writes some speeches for me and that's how they get him the hunt for red auto. But i want to say right here right now. I think i think your founder john milius is perhaps the most influential modern filmmaker. We have in america

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