Newton, Jones Star at QB for Patriots in 35-0 Rout of Eagles

Jalen and Jacoby


Night's preseason action in the nfl it was an absolute blowout a trouncing. The patriots had a quarterback controversy. But everybody looks good against the eagles. Campbell good mack jones. Look good jalen. Rose what you think about cams performance. I i think if you really you didn't lead a game saying fly. Eagles fly by nothing you saw in that game. I'm happy for cam newton. We talked about the patriots improving their roster this off season we wondered how he will look as a passer. I talked about them primarily being a rush t. They look like a balanced team now again. It's the preseason never overreacted at as alliance fan. I learned first hand. Because i saw rt go undefeated in the preseason go winless that same season. So i'm not going to overreact per se but i was happy for camp. Did he left last night's game with the ability to talk trash to the team. That was getting on him about being. Check down guy practice. I mean can't exactly go deep in this game but he didn't have to and cam looks good but you know who else look. Good matt jones like they seem to. They always say like two quarterbacks. You don't have one. I think the thing is just have two quarterbacks like they might just have to good quarterbacks one rookie they're going to develop and then one season better who's going to be that week one starter this to me after watching last night again. I don't wanna take too much. Wavering preseason game but after watching last night this is cam newton's job until it's not and i think cam newton is successful in. This team wins that he will continue to be the starting quarterback for this team however because the other way i can see mack jones playing this

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