2015 WSOP Champion Andrew Barber on When the Game Clicked for Him


The realization. You you eventually come to. Which i think put realization every poker player has is like cash is going to be better for my sanity than tournaments If i care about the swings adult and so. I started playing cash. But i had gotten into Omaha hi lo through my experience with with going to reno for mixed games and stuff and i just like fired up like a small stakes six handed omaha hi low table in just clicked. It just clicked the way that i've heard other poker players talk about specific formats where they just they. Just get it and i just seem to get it and i i went from. It was fifty cents a dollar to seventy five one fifty on stars within nine months something like that solely solely playing oma hiwa solely playing omaha. Hi lo still dabbling in like Sitting go stuff and some empty teas. But like i became obsessed with the game. I like i had a poker journal. I was always thinking about the game. I was talking to other people about it. I mean like some of my best poker friends or people that i that i kind of met around this time. We're talked omaha. hi lo with. Why do you think it clicked so much. And i'll follow up question down. The line is also why did mixed games resonate with you so much well. I don't know if everyone's experienced this. But i kinda got bored with simplicity of holdem. I mean i respect that like it is A game that can be Extremely deep And that you can run. Sim after sim episode in different spots. but i think ultimately i didn't like the lack of complexity in strategies And with mixed games you have like you know constant variation like i love playing a multi game mix. Where like the game is changing every orbit. So it's like okay. Let's shift is something new. I think maybe i get bored. Or i liked shifting gears and thinking of the different way but omaha. Hi lo is. I love split park games first of all so like if i were to rank my favorite game split games are going to be at the top of the list. I love the idea that we're like playing two games simultaneously like that's really cool to me. you know it's So there's that i think there's this Maybe a concept that came naturally to me that maybe other struggle with is kind of seeing where my hand is on a spectrum like the weaker your low hand is the sorry. I'm making the Are you relatively familiar with them. A high low. I know the rules of how became operates. Okay so there's there's these trade offs that like the worst year low hand is the better. Your hand has to be and vice versa and just seem to understand where my hand fell on that that distribution You it's not often that you have like the nuts and the high side in the nuts and the low side and especially playing shorthanded or heads up You're gonna have a trash on both ends chair. It's kind of like trying to understand. How does my trash measure up to my opponents trash in what's that might like my optimal strategy here So yeah i really. I took to that in that. I think the game was also like Poised for a Poised for evolution like it was a very people are still playing a very primitive elementary strategy. There was like a little more not pedley back back then. And i was able to take advantage of that that i think i just saw There's maybe an holdem analog. That could be made

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