Rudy Giuliani Says the Best Thing Joe Biden Can Do Is Resign


Now, What about Afghanistan tomorrow? Do you think that the president will make any reference to it? Or do you think he's just trying to ignore it? It seems to be is the message. Rudy, I think the best thing the president can do tomorrow. Is resign in disgrace. And apologize for killing 13 people. And say, Get me out of here before I kill more people because they don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'm very, very angry. Well, and I'm so angry for the families. I was 373 firefighters 27 police officers. I lost 20 good friends. To Al Qaeda sponsored by the people that are now in charge of Afghanistan. And the demented. President of the United States whose crimes I probably know better than anybody who they covered up. And they're trying to go after me nearly because I discovered the crimes he was committing for 30 years. The guy's pulled in about $30 million illegally. Selling his office first, his little cheap brother did it. Then his son did it. Then his sister in law, the whole family takes bribes Stand. And I got to believe he doesn't know what he's doing now. They put him in the White House and they can make more money. But they don't give the slightest bit of care for the United States. It's all about how much money can the Bidens bank and how can they abuse us? Look at him last night? It was like a petty little Banana Republic dictator last night. And he's going after people who don't wear masks and armed vaccinated and he's letting the Taliban With people who want to kill Americans take over Afghanistan.

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