A highlight from Automated Resume Scanner Mistakenly Rejects Millions of Job Candidates


This is work matters with bestselling author and syndicated talk. Show host ken coleman. It's friday september. So here's the headline from morning brew study shows. Automated resume scanners are mistakenly rejecting millions of viable job candidates. Oh gosh it's not even funny but it's it's it's this is where technology is got its achilles heel ninety nine percent of fortune five hundred companies in seventy five percent of the us employers. Harvard surveyed use an automated scanner to initially filter candidates. Okay so there's no big deal. I've been talking about this. We know this is just because there's so many applications and the software comes in and you know the pitch on this is it helps you filter things. But if you're waiting to hear back from a job interview your resume might never have gotten into actual human hands They now know that Popular software used by companies. According to harvard business school research shows that more than ten million potential employees have even gotten a look so what happens is the automatic screeners relying on negative logic to reduce the applicant pool so resumes even for people that are well qualified. Get lost in a black hole because of things like a gap in the applicants employment history. A lack of certain credentials are key words that don't match up with the job description. Some of the keywords might not be obvious. hospital set. Computer program is a keyword when they look for registered nurses who can enter patient data in the computer. So here's the deal. You could be fully qualified registered nurse. And if you're not thinking about this and you don't put anything in there about computer programming. They're gonna dump you so you need to pay attention to the job descriptions before you apply and you need to make sure that you are putting in those key. Words littered throughout your resume. And then the other thing you need to be doing is you need to be taking advantage of the free service at ziprecruiter offers you. I mean it's free and ziprecruiter has to be the number one hiring site in the united states. Why because what happens is they got companies that are paying them for qualified people. So you go on ziprecruiter dot com slash kin right now. Fill out a profile. It's a one click apply situation and now your resumes going to start getting mashed up by their technology directly to companies. And here's what's great when a company looks at your profile gives you a thumbs up on your profile asks for contact information. Ziprecruiter was going to connect you directly. But they also let you know. Hey they're looking at you and so it's the best way to get yourself out there because ziprecruiter's going to make sure you don't get lost in stuff like this automated filtering software so go right now. It's free to ziprecruiter dot com slash. Ken that's ziprecruiter dot com slash. Ken and experience the better way to find a job. It's free. i don't know why you would try it if you like. What you're hearing. Make sure to subscribe and share work matters with a friend for help on your career journey. Listen to the ken. Coleman show podcast part of the ramsey network.

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